June 22, 2017


          Throughout the month of March, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) toured Capitol Hill with his staff, ideas for an innovative healthcare reform, and a copy machine. Why the copy machine? The leaders of the GOP were hard at w...

June 16, 2017

          The recent film “Wonder Woman” has the world in a frenzy about the groundbreaking advent of a female superhero who is valued amongst her peers, not for her sexuality or for her beauty, but for her sheer strength and ability. The beauty of the movie lies in th...

March 16, 2017


        NowThis Politics published a video following a CNN town hall with Nancy Pelosi which, knowing the nature of Facebook politics, soon went viral. The video captured an exchange between Pelosi and a NYU student where the student urged Pelosi...

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Founded on the campus of Rhodes College, in Memphis, Tennessee, The Campus Conservative is a publication started by students who saw the need for reasoned, rational, and respectful debate on college campuses. The goal of The Campus Conservative is to allow students the opportunity to read and write on pressing topics in our society today, ranging from economic and political debates to religious discussions. 


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